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family counseling centerAlso, any allergens can become the causes of atopic dermatitis: house dust, in which mites are most often the strongest allergens, the presence of pets, their wool, fish food, bedding for chinchillas, contact with synthetic materials, as well as a sharp change in climate, humidity and temperature air. is often a provoking factor in the development of dermatitis, antibiotics, anesthetics, vitamins, etc. can cause a particularly strong allergic reaction, any pharmaceutical agent can cause an inadequate reaction in people prone to allergic manifestations.

Symptoms, signs of atopic dermatitis. There are cases of spontaneous cure of atopic dermatitis as the child grows. Mostly in boys during puberty or in women with the onset of sexual activity and pregnancy. However, even with this, the skin of such people remains susceptible in response to various external and internal stimuli.

Favorite localization of dermatitis in the folds of the bodies, on the arms - elbows, hands, on the legs - popliteal folds, on the face and neck, on the forehead, around the eyes, as well as on the shoulders, on the back and chest, cracking of the skin on the feet and hands is also possible. In older people, it may look like scaly papules, plaques, without characteristic localization, most often it is chronic eczema of the hands. With severe exacerbations, rashes can belysed, mainly in the area of ​​folds.

The skin of non-young people with this skin lesion is always too dry and slightly erythematous.


In addition to dryness, flaking of the skin, as well as discoloration of the skin, thickening of the skin, vesicles can also occur, which periodically open, causing weeping, then dry up, forming yellowish-rough crusts.